Author: Boris Ndicho

Says who one can’t make a living off blogging?? Cameroon is gradually evolving as people can now make a living using digital means. Cameroon’s star political blogger, journalist and media personality has been made brand ambassador for ICM London, a job providing and study institution. Arrey Bate, founder of ARREYB Media has unveiled his contact […]

Black Home music label keep giving Cameroonians all reasons to smile despite the pain they are deep into as the crisis keep escalating . The goddest of all fancy music with great exciting and inspirational lines in his songs, has again proven his worth. Dubai based Cameroonian artiste signed under Black Home Muzik label has […]

Black Home label is gradually taking over the 237 entertainment industry . With the excellent strategies put in place by this label’s boss Tee Nellz, another admirable talent have been discovered. Nunbwoi the Black Home star just dropped an engrossing one titled ” Hustler ” .. He hails from the Donga Mantung division of the […]

Tee Nelz has succeeded to get the attention he really deserves as he continue to hone with his creative skills, keeping music lovers at ease. His latest charming sound “Yari” has remained swimming around the ears of his fans as they are highly absorbed by the lyrical flow. Yari is a blend of Afro pop […]

Its been almost a week or two that the industry has been in silence. Just at the time musical enthusiasts and lovers were about to complain, Meshi appears on scene to claim her musical toughness. She just dropped an amazing one featuring Salatiel titled “Rembourser“. Rembourser is a french word which means “pay back” Meshi […]

It has been a beautiful journey all through with great improvements and achievements by stakeholders of the Cameroon showbiz industry. EKWAT TV on her part equally wants to contribute see others shine , see others realise their dreams, and to discover talents. She however, looked into the dance sector of the Cameroon showbiz which is […]

Ndukong Godlove Nfor artistically perceived as Jovi Le Monstre is one of the most controversial established artiste in the 237 Music industry. Sometimes he keeps fans in state of discombobulation as no one can really understand his thoughts. Blessed with potentials and very dynamic and unique in the musical World, Jovi is often praised. Jovi […]

There is never smoke without fire! gossips and rumours are two essential words that can never escape social media landscape . Mel B the Bella diva is a Cameroonian songstress that had marked her first entry into 237 Music in 2008, with that energy as a young lady made a Collabo with Big G Baba […]

The industry has been anxious to get a strong collabo from the top stars in the game. Their curiosity has been “quenched off” like a fire that has been put to calm with water by Kikoh and Magasco. Mado is a name of a lady who had definitely been so demanding in a relationship, she […]

This remains one of the most unforgettable opening lines I have ever heard in music I know when I hear a piece of music or vocal that hooks me in, this sound has remained swimming around my ears for days now. This young, talented musician who day on day continue to hone his creative skills […]

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