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An anonymous  group known as Anon4Africa claim the responsibility for hacking Tenor’s official Facebook page. They have have been posting revolutionary messages on the rapper’s page  since morning. Universal Record Africa’s artist confirmed it on his private account. Ma page officielle vient d’être piraté  18.08.18 Tenor The group which is led by YURI ROMANOV GHOST is involve […]

Alpha better record’s boss, Salatiel  bought a new ride for his baby mama, according to reports we got. The information was posted on his instagram account today july 17th 2018. I know she deserves better but i hope she likes my little surprise. 😍😍 A post shared by High Man General: Salatiel (@therealsalatiel) on Jul […]

Ndukong Godlove Nfor popularly known as Jovi Lemonstre consciously expressed his  freedom of speech right 14th July, 2018 on one of most World’s responsible prestigious social media platform “twitter” .  The October 2016 endless “fire” (Anglophone Crisis) that have today morphed into a conflict between military men and civilians  is grabbing the symparthy of some […]

There was a serious clash on twitter between one of Cameroon’s top rappers  Jovi Le Monstre and some twitter users concerning the Anglophone crisis. This is the first time Jovi is making is stance clear concerning the crisis.  Since the beginning of the crisis in 2016, many people wanted to get Jovi’s view point but […]

Most artists know it is important to promote themselves but don’t have any definitive plan or goals about the subject. Maybe it’s time for you to think about how to raise the volume on your self-promotion. A controversy “erupted” online of the poor management functions of some Cameroonian artist managers. Music lovers and some entertainers […]

The South African based Cameroonian rapper, Makizar is here with his first project since he got into the music scene. He dropped his first Ep titled PTG, on Friday July 13th 2018. The Muthaland Entertainment front liner caught the attention if Cameroonians when he dropped Alempok which was release in 2017.  In March 2018, he joined force with one […]

Many people condemned a recent video of Cameroon’s arm force killing women and children at close range with bullets. According to these men in uniform, they were family members of suspected Boko Haram militants. The only person so far who doesn’t see any thing wrong with it is Cameroon’s top artist Maahlox Le Vibeur. Also […]

The quest to be sign into labels by Cameroonian artistes is becoming alarming.   Most artistes get stressed being under labels for most cases we have witnessed. They monitor and control your movements at times limiting you.  Statistics has proven that individuals express their thoughts through songs. There is always an opportunity somewhere for musicians […]

Award winning Camer artist and one of Camer top dance hall artists, Montess this July 6th will drop two new singles. Her communication team published the information some days back on different social media platforms.  Also Read: Montess releases the visuals of little Cindy theme song titled “Don’t take it way. Watch!! After dropping the visuals of […]

Tzy Panchack is considered as ladies choice, one of the most handsome Camer artist and a lover boy. Just as other Camer celebrities, his relationship is top secret. Many people don’t know much about his private life.  Recently rumours of his involvement with one of Camer’s top film makers hit the internet. With little research, […]

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