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Award winning artist and co founder of the calabash music group, Wax Dey decided to share his success in the camer music industry . This prenominal artist took time of his busy schedule just to share his success tips. He was speaking to Njoh Trevor of E-kwattv . Read the success tips below The same […]

Fally Ipupa’s concert in Cameroon Cameroonians have not been in their best attitude recently. Tenor has been insulted by fans online for saying that Cameroonians don’t support their artists. He made that statement before Fally Ipupa’s arrival to Cameroon. Talking about Fally Ipupa, did you know that he received a heavy slap on his head […]

The love Bertila Kibong(Rude Girl) has for the King Kong Stanley Enow is so amazing. The former Number One girl house mate is the definition of a “Real Fan” in Cameroon. No one can win Bertila in argument on the MotherLand Boss. To show her love for the camer super star, Bertila and her long time […]

The cameroon music industry, has talented artist who upload good songs, but yet they gain less views on their songs. Have you ever wonder why? You will find out, in this article Low quality videos:  Most upcoming, artists and artists in cameroon go in for cheap things and thus it lead to know quality video, […]

Kids of the 70s surely know about this talented Cameroonian legend Eko Roosevelt. His songs could kick you from where you are to the dance floor. He is now the traditional ruler of the Batangas in the Lobevillage of the South Region of Cameroon. One of Cameroon’s talented rappers and producers, Jovi Le Monstre was […]

Cameroon Music now bathes in the fluid of globalization. It’s synthetic and universal identity in the world has exposed Cameroon culture and talents . For decades, there have been this controversial debate about the Anglophone artists singing more in French  than in the English Language. Verbal disputes and heated arguments have been witnessed from Cameroon […]

Kwata people , one of Africa’s biggest awards, Kunde d’or ended a week ago in Burkina Faso with Renissand Charlotte Dipanda bagging an award each. The ceremony which is to celebrate the culture of the people of Burkina Faso didn’t end well with one of the most respected Camer artists, Charlotte Dipanda. Internet user in […]

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