​”J Martin’s has been pulling alot of false and unverified information, but I have no plans of sueing him” Salatiel talks to E-KWAT TV

Written by on 15 June 2018

I’am sure you guys, have been seeing the rumours circulating on social media networks especially on Facebook of Salatiel planning to sue a Cameroonian blogger J Martins popularly known as the five star blogger.

E-KWAT TV  followed the matter and we got in touch with Alpha Better Records’ Boss Salatiel and he told us I quote,

I don’t have anything to do with that… J Martins has been pulling alot of false information, unverified information which is affecting our business. The info on me trying to sue  J Martins is unverified and false. There have been nothing like that… i did not say anything. 

 Salatiel also went ahead and said J Martins accusations  were childish and stupid rumours for someone seeking attention.

Blaise B’s business is production, do you know how many client Blaise B will lose when somebody comes up with some kind of allegation like Blaise B in prison because he promised to produce somebody..?

Sala revealed that, one morning, the manager of the label came in with  Blaise B and his manager from the police station. They were not there to sue J Martins but to warn him. 

such things are very detrimental for Blaise B’s image as a producer. That is his business he is sabotaging with lies and unverified info. How does my name even come into that?

Salatiel asked? 

Maybe because its Alpha  Better Records and I am the boss then it bounce back to me. That was not me, that is Blaise B’s business. I signed Blaise B the artist not a producer. I will not sew anybody for Blaise B, he is the producer, that is Akwandor. Alpha better records doesn’t own Akwandor the producer….. that is an issue Blaise B is handling. I’ve not been to the police, I’ve not call the police.

I was happy that it happened because you don’t sabotage someone’s business like that.

Salatiel also told bloggers in our conversation to get to an artist if they need to create controversy and see how they can do it and get the traffic rather than putting up false information that can backfire on them.


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