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clarisse valerie -la poupee de dieu

Clarisse Valerie or as she was later referred to, Clarisse Wopso after her divorce is now deceased. Most of us will know her from our younger days from her hit songs  ‘Voleur de plaisir’ and ‘ Tout se paie ici bas’. Her songs were fresh to the ears of her listeners and she quickly became a house hold name. Her style too was picked up by young Cameroonian girls and she even had a skirt named after her ‘La jupe wopso’,  her boots too, always vibrant and colorful made her to be the talk of the town. To crown it all she introduced us to the word ‘Wopso’, which described her dance and her personality.

Rescent times have not been very glamorous for our beloved Clarisse Wopso as her come back was confusing to her fans. Her songs promoted Christianity but her outfits and her new personality in those videos where looked upon as bizarre and some even termed it madness. Those people were not completely wrong as a few weeks ago Clarisse Wopso was admitted into a psychiatric home in France and her life less body was discovered on Wednesday the 1st of August. Sources say the corpse had been undiscovered for almost 4 days prior to Wednesday. Cause of her death is not yet known to us.

This is a very unfortunate turn of events, her music will always live on and her impact on our lives cannot be ignored. Our hearts go out to her family and friends.

RIP Tata Clarisse Valerie Wopso.

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