Camer rapper Ko-co, accused of Impregnating vidoe vixen Jenistar Blanche and masterminding her abortion.

Written by on 06 September 2018

This is another episode of Sex and the Industry which is going viral online. Many people didn’t see this coming. Popular rapper and AFRIMA nominee Ko-c is accused  of impregnating video vixen Jenistar Blanche. It doesn’t  end there, the star is also accused of advicing the girl to commit an abortion. 

All this story popped up after rumours of the rappers relationship with female rapper Young Maegan went viral. From the look of things, Jenistar Blanche who was not happy with the allege relationship decided to vomit everything out. 

People came to know about this when a picture of her crying surfaced on social media yesterday September 5th 2018. Sources close to the artist denied the allegations when we contacted them. One of them told E-kwat Tv that, Ko-c is aware of the situation but has not made any statement. 

Many people on Facebook have already created camps to defend their party. Many consider Ko-c as the villain in the story while others think Jenista is stupid for accepting to commit the abortion. 

Jenista Blanche’s Allege Pregnancy.

Some months back, an information on the allege pregnancy of Jenistar Blanche was posted on Facebook. A photo of her in a shop specialise in the sale of baby stuffs was posted on Facebook. While people were rejoicing for here, she later came out and posted a disclaimer.

we later learn that it was just a stunt with the vixen masterminding it. 

Ko-c entry in this story comes to prove that she was pregnant. The million Frs CFA question is, Why did she decided to say it now? Is this another show? The story is still developing.

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