Check Out Charlotte Dipanda’s opinion about the Anglophione Crisis.

Written by on 21 June 2018

Charlotte Dipanda with her “magic voice” could not escape the minds of these event organisers   of  the 70th anniversary of the Société Anonyme Les Brasseries du Cameroun (SABC) which took place in Douala. Charlotte Dipanda the prolific singer was spotted on Equinoxe Television on Monday the 18th of  June, 2018 as guest.  she spoke on the subject of “Anglophone crisis” as she was given the opportunity to talk during the anniversary of the “Brasseries“.

Charlotte Dipanda said she was concerned by the tragedy in the North West and South West. Check out her words below;

“I feel completely Cameroonian. There is no reason for me to be insensitive to what is happening in the Northwest and Southwest regions. I want to tell people in these regions that I think of them and that they should not feel isolated because every day Cameroonians die.

She did not only end at this level but went further  to  talk  to the Cameroon authorities pleading they should listen to the cry of the people. See her message below;

  “I think we have to listen to what people in these regions want to convey as a message. You really have to be attentive and I really wish them to find this appeasement that the tensions fade. Because we know when we start a war but we never know when it ends or how it will evolve. I really hope that it will calm down and that we will find this peace that we have always known in these regions , “


It should be noted that many other Cameroonian artists like Ambe, Salatiel and many others have been equally writing on their timelines expressing how they feel seeing people dying as a result of the crisis.  what do you think our artists should do as their own contribution towards marking the end of this crisis?

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