Could [Tilla][Skidi Booy] beef be a planned beef to keep fans busy? Details

Written by on 15 June 2018

Tilla the God Mother as she is called has been receiving some social media “claps” from bloggers lately. Some music lovers called her to order, advising her to get a good fashion  designer probably based on her past dressing code. It is however, undeniable that she has greatly improved on her dressing style since she got signed into the Dedes Records

Skidi Booy a south west based rapper that has been into the game for long wrote on his facebook timeline, trying to make his fans understand that Tilla had refused to reply his message when he was still struggling to gain his space into the Cameroon entertainment grid terming his music “wack

God mother too deliberately refused to press the “chill” button as she gives out clap backs to Skidi. She just addressed Skidi Booy to be “wannabe Jovi rapper” . Meaning Skidi wants to be like Jovi. 

Cameroon artists seems to discover something new, they believe, to fan up your popularity you must create an unnecessary beef with a fellow colleague to be “news” on every music lover’s lip. Cameroonians take negativity as strength and positivity as weakness that is why artists play on their psychologies to improve on their “stardomship” especially when ever they want to release a new song. Could the Tilla| Skidi Booy beef be a planned beef? Leave a comment below and keep visiting ekwat tv radio for updates

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