Does a Record label guarantee an artist’s success in Music?

Written by on 04 July 2018

The quest to be sign into labels by Cameroonian artistes is becoming alarming.   Most artistes get stressed being under labels for most cases we have witnessed. They monitor and control your movements at times limiting you. 

Statistics has proven that individuals express their thoughts through songs. There is always an opportunity somewhere for musicians regardless of the genre of music they produce. The curiousity to know why some Cameroonian artistes prefer to be independent is really my concern here. 

You will quickly agree with me without hesitations that Blanche Bailly is not signed into any Record label but she is one of the ladies in the game with an appreciative profile. She takes her time to prepare herself without any major pressure from a label owner which makes her give back results as all her songs are always making waves. 

Lately Moore Records signed two artistes, Mr Melody and Ray Patson. Locko left Big Dreams to join Tenor under universal music. A rumour circulating though not confirmed that an Alpha Better Record artiste wants to quit and establish his own label and sign others too. 

It is true being under a record label can quickly expose you to a broader audience but many Cameroonian singers are trying to be independent and succeed on their own. Lil Love is an upcoming artiste that has rejected all offers to be signed under any record label. He believes he can make it on his own and his space in the Entertainment industry is secured. Blanche Bailly equally succeeding .  Is it really advisable to be independent as an artiste or to engage into a label contract?Thoughts!

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