Hot Topics; Martin Enow Quit!! Could This Be A Publicity Stunt for Stanley Snow’s “Casanova”??.

Written by on 29 June 2018


The alleged resignation of Stanley Enow’s manger and Motherland Empire CEO, was shocking and surprising to the media,bloggers and promoters because they have been working together since the beginning of Stanley Enow’s career. Some critics say it was some sort of promotion for Stanley Enow’s recent clip titled “Casanova” released few weeks back.

The news was gaining attention when Martin Enow said he will be Live to spill the beans which he never did. Few hours on Martin Enow’s Facebook page post said his quitting was a prank

Question: Was this a sort of a marketing strategy or promotion for Stanley Enow recent song?

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  1. me   On   03 July 2018 at 13:43

    maybe this martin guy thinks he is a celebrity hahhhaa. if u like quit oor, stay ooh, mehn u still be na Mbut man

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