“I am not an Anglophone…my ancestors came from the North…” Jovi Le Monstre.

Written by on 14 July 2018

There was a serious clash on twitter between one of Cameroon’s top rappers  Jovi Le Monstre and some twitter users concerning the Anglophone crisis. This is the first time Jovi is making is stance clear concerning the crisis. 

Since the beginning of the crisis in 2016, many people wanted to get Jovi’s view point but to no avail. In one of his live facebook  sessions in June 2018, Jovi said “Fuck Politics” when fans wanted to know what he think about the crisis.

This Saturday 14th July, the rapper clap back after a guy on user criticised him of celebrating his first 1 million youtube view on his hit song Cash

Jovi then fired back;

And that’s how he got into the topic. 

He called on his fans to fight for things that, people of the North, Far North, East can relate, that is, decentralisation, Federalism, or a central goverment where every region will be equal. He went far to say that, the Anglophone Problem  no longer exist which angered most Anglophones following the debate. According to him, Cameroon’s problem is that of tribalism and corrupt government officials. 

Many people, especially Anglophones are not buying what he said, like Teddy;

Jovi then said, “…he is not Anglophone….his ancestors are from the North…”. This is not the first time he is making such declarations. In 2015, after his nomination in the MTV African Music Awards under the category of best Francophone, Jovi said he was a Francophone.

So what do you think of his recent attitude? You can follow the debate on twitter. 

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