” I am not engage…We are great friends..” Itambi Delphine debunks rumours of her relationship with Tzy Panchak.

Written by on 03 July 2018

Tzy Panchack is considered as ladies choice, one of the most handsome Camer artist and a lover boy. Just as other Camer celebrities, his relationship is top secret. Many people don’t know much about his private life. 

Recently rumours of his involvement with one of Camer’s top film makers hit the internet. With little research, we discovered that it was Itambi Delphine the Lady behind the recent movie Ward Zee.

According to Kinnaka’s source, the two has been seen a lot recently and are suspected of being in an affair. Tzy Panchack who is about to drop a new single is not disturb by the rumours but Itambi Delphine was quick to debunk the rumour on her Facebook wall. This is what she posted.

I’m not engaged.I love to wear rings on any finger they fit on.Doesn’t matter if it’s on my “taken” finger.Tzy is super talented.I’m a huge Fan and we great friends too.I’m i datx smone? YES.But i guess it’s up to us(myself and whoever is my prince charming)to put it out there when we are ready, if at all.Love is always a beautiful thing i guess. For now y’all can keep guessing it’s every other  Male friend u see me with or notice me promotx endlessly.That’s entertainment.

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