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Cameroon Music now bathes in the fluid of globalization. It’s synthetic and universal identity in the world has exposed Cameroon culture and talents . For decades, there have been this controversial debate about the Anglophone artists singing more in French  than in the English Language. Verbal disputes and heated arguments have been witnessed from Cameroon music lovers both off and online. Is French really a guarantee to success in 237 music?
Yes! It is undisputably clear that  Seventy percent of Cameroon citizens speaks and understands the French language while thirty percent English. Looking at the Ten regions in Cameroon just two regions are classified as English regions and eight regions speaks French. It  is an exaggeration to categorically state that French language has a greater impact in 237 Music .

Tzy Panchak one of most talented Cameroonian artist who sings 98% in English Language has gained visibility and a mass audience with little or no French language in his songs. Francophones derive this elevated feeling of pleasure from all his sounds . Tzy Panchak is an exception to the rule mindless of the fact that his songs are hardly played on TRACE TV . 

Mr Leo is an Anglophone based artist that has successfully grabbed the attention of the French Cameroonians though gossip says the French is imposed on him by Salatiel but how true could this be? It is true Music is not all about the language you chose to use but we believe originality makes you unique and less bias. Without any fear of doubt, one can quickly state that Mr Leo has been “franconised”  his lyrics and song titles tells it all forexample on se connait pas, jamais jamais, partout, je suis moi comme ça etc. Can we conclude is thanks to the French Language he got his space in the music world?
It is however not a crime for an artist to sing in a language different from that of his region of origin but it is advisable to always make it 50/50 to avoid being judged as classifying others inferior. Daphne Njei sings 50|50 in French and English language still gaining visibility . What do you think about this? Drop your comments below.. thanks for visiting Ekwat tv . Read us always.

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