Ivorian Showbiz promoter Joel kikis kakou is planning to sue Petit Pays in Switzerland.

Written by on 26 June 2018

An Ivorian lady known as Joel kikis kakou is planning to sue Camer artist Petit Pay in Switzerland. She poured her anger on a video on facebook where she accused him of boycotting an event she organised in Zurich on the 23rd of June 2018 after giving him more than one million frs CFA, a plane ticket to and fro from Paris to Zurich and a room reserved for him in a four star hotel.

Expected in Zurich on June 22nd, Petit Pay left France for Cameroon. He assured the promoter that he will be in Switzerland immediately after his concert in Douala. Unfortunately Raba Rabbi stop answering to her calls. That’s where she decided to get a lawyer.

In another video, Petit Pay debunked all the accusations against him. He also denied knowing the lady and said he was in contact with another promoter. The star concluded that, no plane ticket was send to him. Below are screen shots of the conversation between Petit Pay and the lady gotten on a popular facebook group “Le Cameroun C’est Le Cameroun” and shared by the the lady.

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