Jovi’s exasperative tweets still captures objectivity.See analysis

Written by on 17 July 2018

Ndukong Godlove Nfor popularly known as Jovi Lemonstre consciously expressed his  freedom of speech right 14th July, 2018 on one of most World’s responsible prestigious social media platform “twitter” . 

The October 2016 endless “fire” (Anglophone Crisis) that have today morphed into a conflict between military men and civilians  is grabbing the symparthy of some Cameroonian pop stars like Salatiel, Ambe, Wan Shey and many other talented music stars. Jovi has made himself the heroe of the month by making his stance apparent through his controversial tweets. 

Many might be wondering why Jovi talked about tribalism in his tweet and even why he says he is from the North. History has it  that the Wimbum people originated from the Tikari from the Adamawa region and had moved due to conflicts,and quest for Arable lands and settlements.They had a rest at kimi for decades around the 18th century and they  later formed  a three fractions  according to family linkages as a result of leadership conflicts. 

This is indeed to confirm that Jovi is from the Wimbum land and following the histirical brief  above. “There is no Anglophone problem anymore” were his words . Political analysts and some music lovers  interpreted it differently. Mboko god as he is artistically perceived brings to floor a debate. We all became so emotional following the killings in the two regions. But it will be however, emperative to note that: 

His statement of “There is no Anglophone problem anymore” might imply it is no more an Anglophone issue but a Cameroon issue. Giving it a second thought we realised, it could mean according to him, the Anglophones had long segregated themselves following the formation of their Government and the pronouncement of their independence 1st October 2017 which was of course diferent from other 1st Octobers in history due to the strong government that was put in place and Ayuk Tabe Julius president . At a certain point one was tempted to think  Jovi made a mockery of his people by publicly stating that he is not from the North West region. His Northern stance could be as a result of his fat slim skin looks as one of his fan addressed him “Wajo“. Denying your originality are signs and symptoms of a coward as some fans termed him . 

It will be erroneous and inaccurate to make such conclusions knowing his other tweets says, those fanning the Crisis are the diasporas . The prolific Camaire Pimencam legend painted a sorrowful blue in his tweet chats by actually reminding Cameroonians of the massive killing in the two regions and he informed Cameroonians that a majority migrate to other countries and coaching the war from afar. Cameroonians are in a state of dilemma if Jovi was actually saying there is no Anglophone crisis anymore based on the above raised points or it was a mockery to his people. What do you think about this? Will this tweet make Jovi unpopular in the 237 entertainment scene?

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