Kay Dwin Majunga Fakes his dead just to get attention “Buzz”.

Written by on 15 June 2018

In the entertainment industry, there are serval ways for people to get attention but I didn’t know, faking your dead was one. Music lovers of the english speaking part of Cameroon have not completely move on after Gee Reign’s disapearance and now we are getting reports of an allege dead of a young artist known as Kay Dwin majunga.

The news break the internet yesterday June 14th in the evening and went viral like wild fire. While people were spreading the news, others came in to debunk the information. We later learn this morning from some Facebook posts that, the information was fake. We reliable informed that he is working on a project. 

Dulafe Valery Tata just confirmed that, Kay Dwin and his team came up with the story as a promotion strategy. According to them, his dead will direct people’s attention toward him. It’s true that, this type of info made some people popular but know that, when dead knocks on your door, there will be no place for you to hide.

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