Kay Niine’s unpleasant reaction when Fans called his artist, Mel B Akwen “an Upcoming” artist. 

Written by on 01 September 2018

This is another episode of the “upcoming” series. Many Cameroonian artists especially the new acts don’t like when they are referred to as upcoming. They have been clashes online regarding this issue. Mel B Akwen is the recent artist to get the name from Fans. Trust me, she didn’t like it. 

There was a clash on Facebook between Mel B and her fans against those who think she is an upcoming artist. One of those who reacted bitterly to it is her Manager Kay Niine. His reaction to the post and replies to critics were unpleasant to many. See some screen shots below.

Mel B went live on Facebook yesterday August 31st  to give reasons why she shouldn’t be called an upcoming artist. 

Watch Video HERE.

What do you think of his reaction?

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