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One of the most anticipated seminar in the music industry has come and gone. I’m  talking about the same 237 music business organised by Bonteh Engelbert of Bonteh Media Network. The seminar brought together stakeholders in the music industry. Musicians, bloggers, managers, promoters etc answered present yesterday  19th May 2018 in Douala. Kia Motors hosted this seminar.

Big names in the music industry were invited with Stanley Enow as guest speaker. Clarisse Ndingue, a PR and CEO of Beta Tinz was the first person face the more than 200 persons who came for the seminar. She spoke on how  artists can grow and maintain their fan base. Her presentation was highly appreciated by everyone.

One of Camer best bloggers, Atome who is also considered as one of the most controversial bloggers in cameroon did a presentation on the relationship between artists and bloggers(Communicators).

Prince Enobi, X Maleya’s manager spoke on the role of a manager. He called on artists to avoid faking their lives on social media.

One of the best Communicators in cameroon Tony Nobody made a harsh but true remark. He said “

There is no industry  in Cameroon”.

The Mboa presenter on Canal 2, called on camer artists to stop copying sounds from other countries like Nigeria, Ghana etc. He told them to create a sound and identity of their own. He also appreciated the coming of a seminar like the 237 music business and told organisers to come up with such. Its through  this seminar that, actors in the music industry will reflect on what to do to see our industry grow. Musicians were also schooled on authors right which is neglected by many artist in Cameroon.

Stanley Enow came in at the end and spiced things up with a wonderful performance of his recent single “Casanova“. He answered to questions from the audience. The KingKong promised to do a remix of “Sidomina” ft Awu. Stanley adviced artists to travel a lot.

He said younger artistes should move to other areas like, Limbe, Kribi and breezy areas to have cool minds and refresh their heads to bring out good songs.

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The seminar was an opportunity for people to voice out their personal and proffesional problems.

The problems encountered were, late start, the hall had no Air Conditioner with the hit in Douala. To remedy the hit situation, bottles of mineral water and juice was provided for everyone.

The seminar ended with pic session. Only possitive vibe was reported at the end. The Entertainment industry need such seminars. This will enable our industry to grow from good to better.

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