Twenty Five year old Cameroonian actress keeps fans in a discombobulation state.

Written by on 19 August 2018

The sharp Camer’s own best star lady Syndy Emade has left her fans in a discombobulation state. The nicely worded message framed by this charming actress of her pregnancy on her Facebook timeline could not escape camer gossipers lips.

Elone Synthia Emade popularly known as Syndy Emade is a Cameroonian actress, model and a movie producer. She is the owner of Blue rain Entertainment Movies and has proudly been active in her actions pursuing her dreams as the “Man for the weekend” is almost known world wide as initiated by her.

Should stars we see as role models that represent the country at the international scene be bearing children out of wedlock?

This has been the major preoccupation of many Cameroonians . Syndy is seen as an asset and as a tough and strong lady of the native soil (Cameroon) especially in the movie sector. Her actions might directly or indirectly affect the image of the film industry or the movie sector of the Cameroon economy. Have you for once imagine she had announced her marriage date?

It would have been international news and would have likely given Cameroon more exposure at the international level showing how civilised and mature we respect legal norms. The say ” He that finds a wife finds a good thing obtains favour from God” plays a key role here. As a celebrity, people look up to you as their role model, do things properly and legally to be an example to all in the society (Her fans cried on social media and this particular post tickled my attention ) see post below

It’s true not all celebrities grew up with the aspiration and desperation for fairytale weddings. However, this do not mean celebrities we look up to as role models should relaxedly take- in without legally fulfilling country’s legal norms of court wedding ceremony and why not Church wedding? The original unmarried lady Syndy might have had reasons for the recent unwell or ill action following her societal status.

As a matter of fact, man is prone to mistake making . The online alarming baby bomb of Syndy is so much streaming due to her societal status, reputation and respect people had(have) for her. Though gossip says she is lucky to have had Stanley Enow the Cameroon rap legend as the father of her unborn child. What is your take on this? Drop sweet opinions below exclusively on ekwat radio. Yours best.

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