Anonymous group hack Tenor’s Facebook page to decry the situation in Cameroon and the world. 

Written by on 21 July 2018

An anonymous  group known as Anon4Africa claim the responsibility for hacking Tenor’s official Facebook page. They have have been posting revolutionary messages on the rapper’s page  since morning. Universal Record Africa’s artist confirmed it on his private account.

Ma page officielle vient d’être piraté 



The group which is led by YURI ROMANOV GHOST is involve in a vast hacking campaign just to share their message.

In one of the videos posted posted on the page, the hackers assured Facebook users that, dictators will soon disapear and liberty will be restored. Eliminating racial barriers and restoring democracy  is one of their ojectives. They called on the people to unite against dictators.

Watch video here  
In another video, they blast the attitude of men in the 21st century. How technology has separated one another, the meaninglessness of life and how people no longer have love for their neighbors.

Watch video here

Concerning the situation in Cameroon, this is what they posted below translated to English;

“When injustice becomes law, resistance is a must! ”

Here Anonymous Africa better known as’ ‘Anon4Africa’

we are launching a vast campaign of awareness and building of the Cameroonian population via the ticket accounts of some national celebrities.

Indeed we note and deplore the situation of this country from day to day that goes from bad to worse. a small listing to enlighten you

– CALL OF DUTTY situations in the English-speaking area

– Military massacres of children and mothers in the far north

– orphans and madmen abandoned in the streets of cities

unemployed graduates for lack of government relations

– sectarian pederasts that harm the society and the development of youth

on those the list remains long and for lack of channels of communication and denunciation Anons4Africa decides to act by means of the peace by awakening the consciences.
Hallo the cyber-junkies, if you listen to this message, you’re the resistance

I am YURI ROMANOV GHOST and thank you for relaying the message.


We are Anonymous: —

We are Legion.

We do not Forgive.

We do not Forget.

Free Knowledge.

Expect Us.

The group promise to Hack the pages of local celebrities in the days ahead.

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