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Camer music lovers have been crying to see a hit song this 2018. People end up disappointed each time new songs are release. Even Mr Leo’sJamais Jamais remix” dropped on April 3rd ft Flavour, is struggling to get 600k views  on Youtube.The song was released on the same day with Charlotte Dipanda’s “Sista” ft Yemi Alade which has 1.7M+ views on Youtube. But we all know that Youtube views doesn’t determine if a song will be a hit or not. Let’s leave that there.

Ambe Tebong has hinted fans on twitter  that, he is currently working on a new poject. He also revealed that, Akwandor and Salatiel are the producers of the new track and the high man general ( salatiel ) co-wrote the song. He is so optimistic about the song to the point that he calls it “The Street Anthem”. That means, it will surely be a potential hit or a Club banga.


The Red Eye Entertainment boy tweeted that, his next song will bring out Zombies in the video. The questions going through our minds after those tweets are; should expect an expensive video with scenes just like in Micheal Jackson’s “Thriller”? Will there be a lil bit of originality in the video and new dance moves?


2017 was good on Ambe’s side, with Vitess but fans were disappointed in the beginning of 2018 when he dropped Melody and Mo kawum Ngakop  . We hope that, this new song will be a potential hit and a street Anthem as he claim.

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