Brand New/Audio: Sometime you fall, you got to crawl don’t stay down …- Daphne in “Ne lâches pas” [Prod by Salatiel]

Written by on 18 August 2018

Camer’s diver, Daphne who has been on the spotlight recently has decided to serve us with some good music. We were expecting a love song as usual but when the cover art of the song  was posted online some days back, many thought the song will centre around rumours of her 10 years ban from the USA. I say this because the cover art carried a front page of Popoli (a well known satirical news paper) talking about her deportation from the US. 

Ne Lâches pas is a motivational song which means “Don’t give up“. The afropop diva is encouraging us to fight for what we love, never to give up on our real friend, dreams etc. Daphne herself is a perfect example of a young Cameroonian who didn’t give up in her dreams. She once said, her mum discouraged her to go into music but she insisted. Today, she is able to pull a crowd of more than 25 000 people, goes on tours, nominated in several awards.

Always expect the worse in life, sometime you fall, you got to crawl don’t stay down. Hold up tight to the beast inside, stand up tall and you walk and you run…


The song was produced by Salatiel, one of the best producers and the man behind one of her hits. Listen and share your thoughts.

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