Brand New: Crispy de Rap dares the devil in “This is Cameroon” prod by Edi LeDrae.

Written by on 28 June 2018

American Rapper,  Childish Gombino set the pace and now others are following. After Falz of Nigeria, now its Crispy, a talented Cameroonian rapper who has decided to expose some ills in the Cameroonian society by dropping Cameroon’s version of “This is America“.

Many people didn’t expect Crispy on this. Jovi Le Monstre according to some music lovers was the perfect person to do this. The vibes may have died down since the release of “This is Nigeria” but the Cameroonian version will bring it back.

Just like Wan Shey in Status update and Statust update 2 The HoliWan” ft Young Holiday and Nat, “This is Cameroon” condemns the attitude of our politicians especially during this hot period of the Anglophone crisis.


“Voici le Cameroun, see how we living now, see how they killing us, man go run go na wuside now?…”

The rapper condemned the burning of houses in the English speaking area by military men forcing homeless citizens  to seek refuge in bushes. Favouritism, tribalism, the assassination of Catholic priests, drug abuse, prostitution embezzlement and corruption etc were highlighted in the song.

“This is Cameroon….for know your right now so na crime, freedom of speech, but you try talk they go talk sey na crime.

We asked the rapper if he dropped the song because of the trend or because he wanted to speak out. This is what he told me 

Well it was not just about the trend.. I wanted to voice out my mind like you said using this trend

what about a video?

I don’t know yet if I’d be dropping a video for it.. The plan was to put out an audio..People are asking for a video so maybe.

The song was produced by Edi LeDrae and has been trending since it was release. The major question is, “should we expect a video any time soon?”

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