Have a pleasurable moment with Macdan’s “If I Tell You” directed by Wilco Zillio.. Fantastic

Written by on 12 September 2018

This remains one of the most unforgettable opening lines I have ever heard in music

I know when I hear a piece of music or vocal that hooks me in, this sound has remained swimming around my ears for days now. This young, talented musician who day on day continue to hone his creative skills has left the entire Cameroon in complete excitement.

Macdans is a post graduate student in the University of Buea, reading Molecular Epidemiology and Diagnostic Science. This high spirited rising talent ,based in Buea made his first step into the industry few months ago in December, 2017 when he was signed into SUBLIME SOUNDS, his current label. His brand new video is brought to you by
SUBLIME PICTURES, powered by this creative director WILCO ZILLIO.

Macdans in this amazing sound tried to educate his lady that , loving her does not mean he owes her money. Enjoy “if I tell you” on your favourite radio (ekwat).

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