Wan Shey drops status Update2: The HoliWan ft Young Holiday and Nat. Watch

Written by on 11 June 2018

Finally the song is here and I think  you guys will be impressed by these rappers. They just showed to us that, Camer’s music industry has a bright future and good Hip Hop is still alive.

Wan Shey, nicknamed “Uncle Lenses” dropped the official video of his most anticapted track tittled “Status update 2:The HoliWan“. We all know of the first Status Wan Shey updated in January which was welcomed by most Cameroonians because they could relate themselves with it. 

In this second status that was updated, the Banso warrior decided to invite  wild rappers like Young Holiday, author of “Letter to Wan Shey” and Nat

These artists decry the attitude of people in our society, the meaningless nature of life and how people have turn their backs from one another because of selfish gains. Hot topics like the Anglophone crisis, the Eseka train derailment  were brought up in this track. Should we say that this song is Cameroon’s version of “This is America“?

Watch this video which is currently playing on E-kwat radio.

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